There is so much talk about detox today. Let’s us try to understand what exactly is the detox therapy and what it aims to do to our body.

There are two major lines of treatments in Ayurveda, which are used together whenever required. They are –

Shaman Chikitsa – This first line of treatment follows treatment procedure based solely on the Ayurvedic medicines and their numerous combinations. The word “shaman” refers to the process of elimination or of regaining control. In case of our body, shaman chikitsa refers to re-establishment of the Tridosha (vata, pitta and Kapha) balance, disturbed by the disease causing factors. Ayurveda believes that a disease can survive in the body only if the body is not strong enough to resist. Shaman Chikitsa focuses on reinforcing the strength of the body to fight the pathogens.

However, like the way individual cleaning of the house is not enough sometimes. If you happen to have lots pests in the house, you have to call the pest-control service! That’s exactly what the detox does to our body.

Shodhana Chikitsa – The second line of treatment is called the Shodhana chikitsa. The word “shodhana” refers to cleansing. Ideally, when shaman chikitsa is not able to work because of excessive amount of toxins in the body, shodhan is used to cleanse the body and to enable the medicines to work to their best potential. Shaman Chikitsa is the basic curative medicine of Ayurveda. For more information on curative Ayurveda, please visit cure

But Shodhana chikitsa has a very special role in seasonal body cleansing. The seasons have a misbalancing effect on the body metabolism. Therefore a seasonal detox is recommended in Ayurveda to ensure that the body stays healthy and youthful for a longer duration. This can be understood with the example of a car servicing. A car that gets a regular servicing tends to have a longer and more productive life than the one that does not get any. Similarly, detox helps our body to retain our stamina, immunity and youth. It rejuvenates the body and the mind. Regular detox is also very effective in prevention of many diseases. What’s more? It retards the overall aging process.

Ayurvedic Detoxification Therapy or Shodhana Chikitsa has multiple treatment procedures for different parts of the body. Panchkarma is the most renowned of all other detoxification treatments. The word “Panch” means five and “karma” stands for the procedure.

Panchkarma has a Purva-karma (preceding procedures) and Paschat-Karma(following procedures) also. The well-known Ayurvedic massage therapy is only a preceding procedure of a proper panchkarma procedure.

Panchkarma has main 5 procedures. There are slight changes in these procedures according to different schools of Ayurveda. We offer the following procedures under Panchkarma –

Vaman – Cleansing of the chest region. Vaman involves therapeutic vomiting, induced by Ayurvedic herbs. It is very helpful to relieve all kinds of respiratory disorders, chronic cold, indigestion and all Kapha dosha related disorders.

Virechan – Cleansing of the intestinal region. Virechana signifies therapeutic purgation induced by herbal purgatives in a controlled environment. It has excellent results in acidity, inflammation, skin disorders, and all kinds of Pitta dosha disorders.

Niruh Basti – Cleansing of the intestine/colon. Niruh Basti is Ayurvedic enema. It is performed with the help of herbal decoctions, perepared according to the prakrati(body constitution) and diseases of the patient. It brings immense benefits to the people suffering from joint pain, bloating, flatulence, diabetes and all the problems related to Vata dosha.

Anuvasana Basti – Lubrication of the intestine/colon. Anuvasana Basti is enema performed with medicated oil/Ghee or any other kind of fat. The main purpose of Anuvasana Basti is to strengthen the body after performance of Panchkarma and balance the vata dosha. It is a kind of nourishing treatment performed after the cleansing is over.

Nasya / Shirobasti – Cleansing of the head region – Nasya is the procedure of taking Ayurvedic nasal drops. It is the shortest procedure in Panchkarma. Nasya is extremely beneficial in all kinds of problems occurring in the head region, for example- sinusitis, migraine, chronic head-ache, chronic coryza, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, dementia etc. Nasya also has great effects on hair, eyes, nose, and ears. It also helps to improve memory.

Sometimes Shirodhara is included in the panchkarma according to the requirement of the patient. It is an Ayurvedic procedure where medicated fluid is dripped on the forehead of the person. This procedure is esp. very helpful in mental disorders like depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD etc.

Therefore, Panchkarma therapy achieves a complete detox of the body through these 5 processes. After a proper panchkarma procedure, you can expect to have a baby like body, free of toxins and waste from tip to the toe!

General Procedure for Detox

It is not necessary that all people should go for a full Panchkarma course to achieve the ideal detoxification. Everything depends on individual body type (prakrati) and the current stage of the body (stamina, presence of diseases, age etc.).

At Govardhan Ayurveda, our experienced Ayurveda physicians will assess your body and offer you the best suited detoxification options.
All the Panchkarma procedures are planned and performed under the supervision of experienced Ayurveda physicians.
All our therapists are especially trained and well experienced in Kerala Panchkarma therapies.
All the meals are completely organic and freshly prepared. Food at Govardhan Ayurveda is strictly in line with Ayurvedic fundamentals. It is prepared with Ayurvedic herbs which make it all the more flavoursome. We have no options of junk food in our premises.

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