Rejuvenation is an old concept. Many ancient cultures have described various procedures to regain youth and virility. However, Ayurvedic concept of rejuvenation is more elaborate and proactive. You do not have to rejuvenate after the aging process gains pace or when you start to feel drained and lethargic. Rejuvenation should be a cyclic process in order to maintain the health in its best state.

Ayurveda offers numerous rejuvenation techniques according to the needs and ability of the person. Prakrati or body constitution is the guiding factor in all kind of rejuvenation processes. Pakrati is the code of your body which is different for each person. At Goverdhan Ecovillage, our physicians intently listen to your body for its individual rejuvenation requirements. Therefore, rejuvenation package is personalized according to the needs of the guests in their one-to-one consultation with our Ayurveda physicians.

One of the most prominent forms of Ayurvedic rejuvenation is the seasonal detox. Seasonal panchkarma treatment helps you to prevent slowdown of metabolism and lowering of immunity due to the impact of seasonal changes. This is the most basic form of rejuvenation technique to keep the body youthful and healthy for a long time. It is incredibly superior to any other techniques for a thorough rejuvenation.

At Goverdhan Ayurveda, we offer a tailor-made seasonal detox therapy that includes various forms of body cleansing and massage techniques that will make your body to vibrate with a new energy. We have Ayurveda packages which cover specific general treatments. However, the final line of treatment is decided by our experienced physician to ensure the maximum benefits to the clients.

Food is of pivotal importance in rejuvenation. We are what we eat. Bad food creates toxins in the body that interfere with the normal metabolism of the body and increase the rate of aging in the long run. Conversely, good food ensures that all the physiological functions run flawlessly in the body. According to Ayurveda, food contains prana or life-force which translates in the life force of the body. Organic, freshly-made food has the highest value of prana. It makes maximum contribution to the vitality of the body.

Therefore at Goverdhan Ecovillage we ensure that you are served with the fresh Ayurvedic meals prepared from the choicest organic and home-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. The milk is sourced from our in-house dairy, which consists of desi cows. Indian cows are known to have A2 form of casein in their milk. This quality of milk is not known to cause any kind of allergies.

In India, the guests are considered to be a form of God. The food is cooked by the devotees with love and care as they cook for the gods. It is believed that a thought with which the food is cooked has a sublime impact on the quality of the food. Such food is believed to bring blessings, happiness and prosperity to the ones who consume it. It not only heals the body but also has a soothing effect on the mind. In the spiritual environment of Goverdhan Eco-village, our guests incidentally receive a blessed food.

Mind is the supreme controller of the body. Ayurveda believes that body emerges from the mind. No wonder any change in the state of mind will have a direct impact on the body. Therefore Ayurveda advocates healing of mind before healing the mind. If the mind is peaceful and conflict free, the body will never lose its metabolic momentum and stay youthful for a 100 years minimum. At Goverdhan Ecovillage, we deal not only with the rejuvenation of the body. The true rejuvenation emerges from inside. Therefore we focus on the internal rejuvenation of the individual also. Various meditation practices, doubt solving sessions and counselling with the Krishna devotees can help a person to free himself from the bondage of the past. This is true rejuvenation. When the seed of rejuvenation is planted in the mind, body rejuvenates by itself. It is like the way when you water the invisible roots, the visible body of the plant grows and flowers.

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