Despite being exposed to the latest health developments in the West, I knew the answers to my ailments lay in the ancient ayurvedic practices of the East. And I knew the best place to come for this was the beautiful Govardhana Eco Village in the wada district.

For years I had endured various chronic conditions, which had culminated in severe insomnia and extreme fatigue. When I arrived at the eco village I could only sleep for one hour before waking up. By the time I left, I was sleeping strong and regaining old strength.

Lila Kirtan dasa was the celibate monk dedicated to serving humanity through the Ayurvedic Wellness centre at the plush Eco Village. His care, kindness and consideration of the wellbeing of others shone through in all our conversations. He explained to me the inception of the eco village: the desire of his guru Radhanatha Swami to heal the sick on all levels.

I received exceptional ayurvedic treatment, the doctors were knowledgeable and grounded in the sastric roots and practices of Ayurveda. Dr Sreejith was an expert vaidya, able to diagnose my issues from a single pulse reading. His application of Ayurveda was impressive and his level of training in Ayurveda was rare. I later found out that Dr Sreejith was born and raised in the home of Ayurveda, kerala. Not only had he attended the Kerala University for Ayurveda in Kerala, but he had also been trained in the ancient science by a Vaidya guru. The team were approachable, helpful and kind. I found the staff at the ayurvedic wellness centre were a source of inspiration and friendship. Their cheerful mood brought relief to my stresses from the West.

I was impressed with how much the wellness centre had developed from the time I had visited it one year prior. There were consultation offices, fully equipped therapy suites with their own shower rooms, an ayurvedic pharmacy and a kitchen. The ayurvedically prepared meals were delicious and healthy. I loved the soft chapattis, steamed idli and creamy courgette subjis. My favourite was the carrot and coriander parathas with coconut chutney. I certainly anticipate the ayurvedic restaurant that will open there soon!

Lila Kirtan informed me of the other developments, an ayurvedic ward which will give cheaper accommodation options, the development of ayurvedic kutirs to give the ultimate in physical rejuvenation and the soon to be garden complete with homegrown herbs.

I am grateful to all those I met, from the expert doctors, the welcoming support staff, and the inspiring monk, Lila Kirtan dasa, who coordinated it all.

My father Shri Hareshwar Tamore is a patient suffering from chronic illness i.e. Rhematoid Arthrities since 2005. We searched and showed to the best Rhematologist in Mumbai to get relief from his pain but was all in vain. We even tried Ayurvedic treatement in Mumbai but were not effective. Despite trying so many ways, he was not relieved from his pain. We were searching for a genuine Ayurveda and at last thought taking him to Kerala, were authentic, ancient Ayurveda is practice.

Due to severe pain my father was not happy, not able to walk, frustrated and was not moving out of house. Some how or other he agreed for a stay of 5 days at Govardhan Eco village in May 2018 . Arriving at Govardhan Eco Village he felt very fresh and connected to life again. There we came to know about Ayurvedic Centre and doctors available for treating the patient. With help of Lila Kirtan Prabuji we showed him to Dr. Shreejit (Senior most doctor) and he started him with alternate massage therapy for 5 days. Dr. Shreejit suggested for month treatment for my father.

Taking alternate massage he got little relief and took decision to come to GEV Ayuvedic centre for 1 month treatment as suggested by Dr. Shreejit. My father got admitted under Dr. Shreejit and his guru for treatment and at the end of 1 month he was relieved of pain and stiffness in joints. My father received a very caring and loving treatment. He appreciated Doctors treatment at GEV Ayurveda and was “Santooshta” means satisfied with treatment of doctor and ambience of GEV. We found Institute of Govardhan Ayurveda to be genuine and traditional authentic Ayurveda and was no need to go to kerala. The institute is well equipped with consultation room, Therapy rooms, Kitchen, Pharmacy and Dhanvantari deity.

Dr. Shreejit is very humble, approachable, knowledgeable in deep studies of Ayurveda , where patient can open their mind. He and his team was very cheerful, helpful and very friendly. They all treated my father with atmost care and love. We appreciate the strict diet followed according to ayurveda which helped my father in recovery.

H.G . Leela Kirtan Prabhu (a monk) is managing the Ayurvedic Department. He was very friendly and took care of my father as his son . He used to come to their room make them laugh with jokes, read and discuss spiritual topics and make their stay comfortable.

The whole setup of GEV is under the guidance of H G Gouranga Prabhu( a monk) , the devotee who is always behind the curtain. Though he had busy schedule, he help us managing our stay and reply to our mail, so my father would get atmost care and best Ayurvedic treatment.

His Holiness Radhanath Maharaj (A monk – disciple of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prahupada) desire to create such a wonderful place in midst of greenery mountains the vrindavan forest , yoga centre and a Ayurveda centre (Authentic straight from Kerala) has given hopes to many suffering souls to heal in all levels (Physical, spiritual and emotional).

We are thankful and greatful to H.H. Radhanath Maharaj who has given this vision for suffering souls in GEV. We thank H.G Gouranga prabhu to fulfill his guru maharaj vision and for serving the humanity at large. We thank H.G Lila Kirtan prabhu for coordinating for the overall treatment and make the stay comfortable. We thank Dr. Shreejit for his expert treatment and guidance of diet about health. Overall the team of Ayurveda Department at GEV we thank them all . We thank all devotees serving in GEV to maintain the ambience mood of service for suffering soul.

Personal Beliefs and ailment:

Together, we (Anju and Roopesh) are strong believers of our inherited value systems and we try to practice our culture in our day-to-day life and routine. As born Indians, we both take pride in what as a sanatana dharma we had in our culture but at the same time we regret that we have not been able to carry it all the way in the purest of its form – may it be the worship, education, trade or health with yoga methods. Nevertheless, we are born in a time where we have to still treasure whatever we are left with.

It was 9th October 2014, when we met with an accident and Anju sustained severe spinal injuries. Her body below waist went senseless. The implants that were done with the surgery on D12 in spine healed the bones but the damage to neurons was something – today’s medical science does not have an answer to. I met many doctors (neuro physicist and surgeons) but not a single could answer when she will be back on her feet again.

Medically, they call it paraplegia, Anju was bed ridden from that day – it was really difficult for me to keep her spirits live and up. I would always discuss and let her know that she did not embrace the abode and God sent her back to take care of the two angels he has blessed her. These kids were then 4 years and 15 months. The purpose of her life is not just to be in bed crying and mourning asking God “Why me?” but to believe and keep on trying to stand both physically and mentally with all belief in GOD.


Anju hailed from a very small place called Bacheli in South Chhattisgarh. Then she had her neighbor and childhood friend Lokesh who she used to play with. Time went by and after schooling their ways separated in 1994. After 23 years Lokesh met her in Pune in new avatar as Lila kirtan Das.

The childhood friends were happy to meet again but Lila kirtan was sad to see Anju bedridden and emotionally broken. And then we were informed about Govardhan Ecovillage. The website itself answered all the queries and concerns.

Ayurveda and Unani medical practice is something Indian government has recognized, and we have Government medical colleges as well. But the government’s apathetical approach has made these medical practices all unexplored and difficult to trust. People have been often victims for making just money by many self-acclaimed practioners.


We first visited Govardhan Ayurveda on the day of its inauguration.

GEV has established the Ayurveda in the purest form bringing it with all essence from Kerala. The Ayurveda has most of its herbs grown in the surrounding garden. The thing that appeased me most was the fact that most of the medicinal formulas for the inpatients were prepared all fresh from the herbs.

The staffs in Ayurveda are all very homely and soft spoken at the same time expert in their part of therapies.

Dr. Sasikumar Nechiyil – The Aacharya (Guru) and mentor is very caring. On the inauguration day Anju met Dr Sasikumar and for the first time Anju heard something “The case is not very critical, she should be walking after treatment, though it may take some time”. The words came as relief and boosting confidence in Anju. “I was really going into depression, but his words have brought me back and I believe in him”, Anju told me later.

Dr Sreejith Ayyappath – The Medical Director of Govardhan Ayurveda is a very young, energetic and expert vaidya. He amazed me with his expertness of pulse reading when he read the pulse of my Mom and discussed all ailments. He told things as if he has read all previous reports. He would visit Anju daily to enquire, observe and prescribe further if required. The treatment was done under his supervision.

Dr Sreekanth, Dr Rajshree, Dr Sudheesh are all equally competent and friendly.


As suggested by Dr. Sasikumar and Dr. Sreejith – Anju was admitted in the facility for the treatment. In around 10 days the edema was all gone. I was amazed to see Anju on a video call and when visited in 2 weeks’ time, was really surprised to see her in a confident posture.

She had regained all her sensory reflexes, but the motor reflexes were at a very early stage. She was able to show some flickering movements in foot fingers. The bowel movements were poor. This was all before she was admitted to Govardhan Ayurveda

After the treatment of 40 days, edema was all gone, the burning sensation in legs reduced, with concentrating efforts the spasm can be felt in the muscle – though the leg will not move. The bowel movements got better. Very small movement in the knees – all these compared to what it was in almost three and a half years – for me a big achievement in just 40 days.

Currently the oral treatment is continuing back at home with all suggested medicine and message with medicated oils. Looking forward to having Anju back in Govardhan Ayurveda as and when advised and be back on her foot. The kids are longing and making lot of plans for ….and I sincerely Thank all of you….

I came to Govardhan Ecovillage with the issue to the ovarian cyst and weight loss and other related issues.

As I entered I was elated with the response I got from the staff. All of them are welcoming. Doctors have helped to understand my issue and made me realize that I have to assess the situation from the core and work towards it sincerely to overcome the problems from the root.

I was served with care and was helped with required knowledge during my stay.

My body was swollen due to thyroid and other hormonal issues, which was not there during my discharge.

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